Return to The Shoe.

At CemetaryA lot can change in a year and four months (the date of my last post): this I know from experience. You can switch jobs…twice. You can organize and run two major work-related conferences and events. Roommates can change. Your heart can get smashed like monkey meat through a food processor, AGAIN. You can find out your father’s next step in life—in addition to the hardships of the past 3 years that he had already faced—will be a brave battle with cancer. You can watch your family and your friends rally around this great man. You can create memories—some of them happy, some of them sad. And in the end, you can hold your father’s hand as he takes his last breath when God and Fate defies our own Will and determines it is time for him to come home.

Three years ago when I first began writing The Daily Shoe, it was  a place to put the rambling thoughts of an otherwise confused, searching, often bewildered, starry-eyed 25-year-old. I needed an outlet. Along the way, and through the angst of putting the proverbial pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) I found that I discovered little pieces of myself.

Today, I am still a searching, often bewildered, 28-year-old. I’d like to believe I’m a little wiser from a stint at the University of Hard Knocks (this particular education seems to continue-but thus is life). But I’d also like to believe that I am still the same starry-eyed dreamer, optimistic about the world and all that this journey has in store for me and those I hold dear. And since it now seems it is my lot in life to walk the earth with a daddy-sized hole in my heart, I can’t think of a better moment to return to The Shoe. I hope you’ll stick around for this new journey, and perhaps discover pieces of your own self along the way too.

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