Always Behave (Part 1)

“Always behave as though nothing has happened…no matter what has happened.”

These were the words on a card given to me as a going-away gift from the CEO of the first company I ever worked for. It is a perfect motto to live by. I’ve held onto it, loving the thought of it, and vowing to adhere to it as I move on through life.

Sometimes it is easier to aspire to such notions than to actually live them. I’ have learned this lesson the hard way.

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Every day they greet me…

Dozens of pairs of pretty shoes lined in perfect rows. They are, in a sense, an expression of our lives: the physical foundation on which we stand.

A shoe will never replace our foundations, our families who built and molded us into the people we are, or our friends who hear our thoughts and dreams and encourage us to pursue them.

Rather, shoes are a small, physical reminder of these things. And my shoes—with their tall, slender heels and pointed toes—have held me up through a lot over the years: A reminder of where I have been. A symbol of where I am going.


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At CemetaryA lot can change in a year and four months (the date of my last post): this I know from experience. You can switch jobs…twice. You can organize and run two major work-related conferences and events. Roommates can change. Your heart can get smashed like monkey meat through a food processor, AGAIN. You can find out your father’s next step in life—in addition to the hardships of the past 3 years that he had already faced—will be a brave battle with cancer. You can watch your family and your friends rally around this great man. You can create memories—some of them happy, some of them sad. And in the end, you can hold your father’s hand as he takes his last breath when God and Fate defies our own Will and determines it is time for him to come home.

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